Monday, January 4, 2010

my granny's recipe - bragiole al sugo!

tonight I am going to make bragiole al sugo, a secret recipe from my granny giuseppina in Italy;-)

But since I'm a nice person, here you are the secret recipe you can try out yourself:
- buy 3-4 slice of beef meat, thinn slices
- put some olive oil, garlic in a pan
- put some thinn sliced garlic, cheese, parsley in the middle of the meat
- roll the slice of meat and stick both ends with a toothstick
in the meantime
- put some celery in the big pan with the bragiole (the meat you just sticked with the toothstick)
- put two types of different tomato sauce
- boil for 2 hours!!!!

And voilĂ , you can enjoy the bragiole al sugo;-)