Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March 9th - WIS - The Challenge and Joy of Continuous Change

Be aware that location has changed - we are going to meet at HOTEL BILDUNGS ZENTRUM, Missionstrasse 21, Basel!!!

We are pleased to present Dr. Christine Burhenn, Management Consultant, Executive Mentor and Coach, as the next speaker in our Diary of a Leader series.
Dr. Burhenn has a PhD in Biology and gained extensive business experience in various international marketing and communication positions in Big Pharma (Janssen Pharmaceutica/ Johnson &Johnson and Novartis) and as CEO of Janssen-Cilag AG, Switzerland.

She will provide her view on how to achieve professional success in challenging change management situations by drawing from her broad management experience as well as from her own consultancy business.

Dr. Burhenn will also share with you her perspectives about the challenge and joy of personal turnarounds. This event is designed to inspire, educate and motivate.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Save money on your taxes!!!

Time is here again to fill out what you dont like to do - TAXES of last year!!!

You have time to send them back by end of March or if you prefer by end of May for Baselland or end of August for Basel Stadt.
Anyhow - it's something you can't escape and you have to fill it out!

Many expats for istance dont have a clue where to start.
Therefore I offer this service for only CHF 100.00 a hour!

Just give me a call and we can set up a meeting, just dont forget to bring all your documents!

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Happy taxes;-)