Friday, June 19, 2009

coco avant chanel

I was so positively amazed by this fantastic true story of Gabrile Chanel before she became famous as Coco CHANEL...

Everything starts in the miserable stage of Gabriele's life at the age of 9 when she and her sister were sent to a orphanage and the fascinating way of how Gabriele had to make her way up in life to become what she was. Thanks to her outspokeness, always telling what she thinks!

Audrey Tautou plays a magnificent role in this film, and also the fact that the film is in french with german subtitles makes it even more true and real.

The film is not just a story about Coco's success, it is also about her struggle to fit in a society that differed so much from her own opinions about her losses and heartaches and what mostly amazed me was how this little woman has changed fashion in these days with her individuality and modern anticonformist thoughts in a society where a WOMAN still didn't know that she could wear trousers;-)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Schmale Wurf, Rhein, Basel

if you want to get a nice plate of spaghetti bottarga in basel, you need to go to the Schmale Wurf down at the Rhein!

It is a very busy restaurant so make sure you book your table at least one day before, especially when the weather is nice...and if possible get a table outside with the Rhein view!

Once you get the table, the absolute must is to order a nice plate of pasta...they have a wide choice of different pasta types, I went a bit adventurous this evening and I ordered the "spaghetti alla bottarga" which I never had before!

The bottarga ingredient is found in north africa, greek and provençale food but its most often associate with italian coocking, particulary that from sardinia! 
It is a silver mullet roe which once it is salted, the roe is cured and dried to perfection.

In its block state it doesn't look very appetising, but once grated or sliced (like in the picture above), this curious ingredient reveals a red-gold colour, granular texture and amazing flavour: rich and intesely savoury. 

It is a highly recommended dish to everyone that loves mediterranean flavours;-)

all my secret working tools

to get a deeper insight into my working tools, products and materials I have set up for you a flickr page to look at anytime you run out of ideas!

Enjoy cooking;-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

where is their vote?

download this jpeg on your facebook account if you have one and help our iranian friends!!!
Go on, register as a new user and use this picture as your profile picture, everyone can help!!!

Domstübli, Arlesheim (BL)

It has been now almost two years since I haven't been to Domstübli in Arlesheim, so last sunday we decided to go there for dinner.
Since we had already eaten quite a bit, we only wanted a pasta dish, so we ordered "trofiette alle vongole" and "risotto agli asparagi"...I enjoyed my trofiette with vongole (clams) a lot, everytime I go there it reminds me of my home region Puglia!

Unfortunately the owner Peppino was not there on sunday, but we still received a nice table outside in the garden and enjoyed the Church bells every quarter of an hour;-)

The only unsatisfactory point was the high bill at the end, we ordered 3 pasta dishes, one mineral water and two proseccos for way too much money!!!

But worth to go again for a good pasta dish from Puglia;-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Congratulations... D&D on their first month relationship together;-)))

Sunday, June 14, 2009

citybeach Messe Basel

it was the perfect temperature and perfect time, right before sunset when we met up with our friends on top of the carparking of the Messe Halle in Basel...the citybeach is a fantastic work!

You  just feel to be far away on a holiday destination and you just have to imagine that there is some beach and you will find yourself in a new dimension;-)

Citybeach offers over 4000 Cubic meter, 1000 tonnes of sand, three bars and three beach volleyball fields, one swimming pool and one whirlpool. Of course this is only possible when the weather is nice and hot...just make sure to go pretty early and reserve your spot otherwise you will just be standing around and watch people;-)

enjoy your holiday destination at citybeach!