Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Schmale Wurf, Rhein, Basel

if you want to get a nice plate of spaghetti bottarga in basel, you need to go to the Schmale Wurf down at the Rhein!

It is a very busy restaurant so make sure you book your table at least one day before, especially when the weather is nice...and if possible get a table outside with the Rhein view!

Once you get the table, the absolute must is to order a nice plate of pasta...they have a wide choice of different pasta types, I went a bit adventurous this evening and I ordered the "spaghetti alla bottarga" which I never had before!

The bottarga ingredient is found in north africa, greek and provençale food but its most often associate with italian coocking, particulary that from sardinia! 
It is a silver mullet roe which once it is salted, the roe is cured and dried to perfection.

In its block state it doesn't look very appetising, but once grated or sliced (like in the picture above), this curious ingredient reveals a red-gold colour, granular texture and amazing flavour: rich and intesely savoury. 

It is a highly recommended dish to everyone that loves mediterranean flavours;-)

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