Thursday, July 2, 2009

la schiava di babilonia

is a Salento red wine from Puglia that I received as a gift today! This friend of mine he is from Taranto where they have a 2 hectar winery whit this special wine. The old winery is called "la schiava", the slave!

It has a very energetic red and bright colour, the nose is manifested with intense red and black fruits, pepper and licorice, lots of velvet tannin in a costest of great structure.
Ideal temperature is 18°C!


It is recommended to put the bottle for one hour in the fridge before serving at this temperature!

what to do with egg noodles?

what to do with spare egg noodles? Instead of the typical swiss german butter and cheese version, why don't you try to mix & match them with following ingredients? I can guarantee the taste is very nice!

Take a high pan (one that looks like a wok), put in some olive oil, half fine cutted onion, some little pieces of speck and let it fry for ten minutes.

Afterwards add some cherry tomatoes, some fine cutted zucchini and let them soften for a while, towards the end add some red curry and basel leaves.

In the meantime the egg noodles are soft, pour them into the wok and mix everything...this nice meal tastes absolutey hot and spicy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Arab Moussaka at Aladin's

Surprisingly to me I had last night for the first time an ARAB version of MOUSSAKA, I only knew the greek version, which looks like an italian "parmigiana". 

In fact Moussaka has various origins...there is the greek (best- known) moussaka, the turkish moussaka (is not layered like the greek one and it has green peppers) and last but not least the arab version, which looks more like a salad and it served cold as a mezze dish!

What's more, the new management of the ALADIN restaurant in Basel is really good, I like the new fresh image on their menu cards and on their website, as also the better service than before. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is nice!

Tip: Also recommendable as catering service for parties!