Sunday, June 28, 2009

Arab Moussaka at Aladin's

Surprisingly to me I had last night for the first time an ARAB version of MOUSSAKA, I only knew the greek version, which looks like an italian "parmigiana". 

In fact Moussaka has various origins...there is the greek (best- known) moussaka, the turkish moussaka (is not layered like the greek one and it has green peppers) and last but not least the arab version, which looks more like a salad and it served cold as a mezze dish!

What's more, the new management of the ALADIN restaurant in Basel is really good, I like the new fresh image on their menu cards and on their website, as also the better service than before. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is nice!

Tip: Also recommendable as catering service for parties!

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