Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Domstübli, Arlesheim (BL)

It has been now almost two years since I haven't been to Domstübli in Arlesheim, so last sunday we decided to go there for dinner.
Since we had already eaten quite a bit, we only wanted a pasta dish, so we ordered "trofiette alle vongole" and "risotto agli asparagi"...I enjoyed my trofiette with vongole (clams) a lot, everytime I go there it reminds me of my home region Puglia!

Unfortunately the owner Peppino was not there on sunday, but we still received a nice table outside in the garden and enjoyed the Church bells every quarter of an hour;-)

The only unsatisfactory point was the high bill at the end, we ordered 3 pasta dishes, one mineral water and two proseccos for way too much money!!!

But worth to go again for a good pasta dish from Puglia;-)

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