Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tinguely Museum

I would give everything to back in the 60's and watch how Jean and his second wife Niki Tinguely revolutionized the structures with their uncoditional love and respect for each other and their art pieces.

It is very inspiring to see Jean's artworks in the tinguely museums, one of the most impressive ones of course is the Luminator which has been exposed at the entrance hall of SBB Basel for many years and only recently it is placed in the tinguely museum.

Jean's job was to decorate whatever was possible and to put everything in motion, he was not a constructor but a very avantgarde artist that defined himself as painter and sculptor of kinetic art in the Dada tradition, know officially as metamechanism.

What most impresses me is l'art et l'amour between Jean and Niki,  defined as the most explosive love between two independent individuals...

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