Wednesday, September 9, 2009's all about discipline!

since I moved to Grellingen I started with my daily jogging laps down the street where I live. There is a 500 meter tracking field for joggers and so every morning I started to jogg about 5 laps, 2 full and 1/2  + 2 full and 1/2 for the start - which makes a total of 2.5 k, my goal is to get to 5 k!

What is important is to know how to jogg, timewise or distance wise...I prefer to jogg with distance instead of watching my clock!

Someone has told me that the jogging field hasn't been used for a long time or maybe never, which is a pity!

I hope that people will watch me and start to get motivated to do the same!

The benefits of jogging are enourmeous, it relases endorphines and puts you in a good mood, it stretches your life spam and it helps you loosing weight;-)

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