Friday, April 17, 2009

Cheer up your wife with a piece of pastiera!

Thanks to our friend Virginia who came back from Napoli a couple of days ago I have now the honour and the pleasure to have tried the famous napolitan pastiera!

Me personally I have never tried it before since this recipe is very famous in the region of Napoli (you would think that it is still in Italy, but in fact all regions in Italy have their own traditions and therefore their own recipes)!

So, returning to the pastiera what is amazing about this sweet tartre is the history and the traditions behind it. You would think, it is just a cake, but there is more beyond it...history says that the pastiera was used during the pagan celebrations of the return of the Spring time.

There is also a very funny legend about the pastiera, which I highly recommed to all husbands out there who would like to see their wife smile again;-)


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