Tuesday, April 14, 2009

pizza on saturday is still a must in italy!

one can take everything away from Italy, but italians don't let them take away the pizza on saturday!!! It is sacrosant to relax with friends and go out to eat a pizza, especially if it's at the veronique in bari!

To spend the EURO 10.00 on saturday for a pizza and a beer is still possible, with or without crisis!

the wide selection of pizzas at "le veronique" is amazing, you can choose from tour eiffel pizza to montmartre pizza, now you would ask yourself why are all these pizzas named in french? 
The answer is very clear, the owner of the restaurant is married to a french lady named Veronique;-)

after your pizza you can still go to take a coffee (in Italy coffee is for espresso) at the "Bar degli Amici" which offers a wide selection of ice creams and cocktails.

this is how the average italian spends a saturday evening in Italy, Bari!


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