Monday, June 8, 2009

SCOPE had troubles to showcase in Basel

"No Scope Here" read the angry protests of disgruntled Swiss residents inscribed on the field where Scope Basel hopes to hold their art fair. Neighbors aren't happy their children won't be able to use the park during the course of the fair, which runs from June 8-14th to coincide with Art Basel. According to local newspaperBasler Zeitung, it appears city law may work in their favor: Not only does the city stipulate the necessity of residential playgrounds, but it has also declined Scope's request for permits because the art fair did not specify what the public space would be used for. Scope has since sued the city, but three weeks out they still have no permission to build their tent. Art shipments are arriving to an empty field.  According to Scope's exhibitor's contract though, the fair is under no obligation to pay any damages incurred through the shipment. Scope Basel could not be reached for comment.

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