Sunday, June 7, 2009

spontaneous lasagne evening

what's better than having your closest friends over at your place for a spontaneous lasagne evening?

my way of preparing lasagne is like this:

 - take a pan and put some OLIVE OIL extra vergine and fry it with one chopped onion
 - take 300 gr minced beef and cook it until it turns brown
 - add one bottle of passata di pomodoro and spice it all with pepper, salt
 - add one chopped carrot to take away the sour flavour of the tomatoes
 - cook it on a medium heat for about 1/2 hour

in the meatime prepare the beschamelle sauce:

 - warm up some milk
  - put some soft butter in a bowl and some flour
 - add the warm milk and whip it on a medium heat until it gets thick enough 

place the lasagne layers in a container

 - buy the hard or soft lasagne sheets ( I personally prefer the soft ones) and place them in a container, if you have the hard sheets you need to break them if they don't fit

- after the first layer, add the tomato beef sauce
- add some pieces of mozzarella or mortadella (whatever you like best)
- fresh grated parmesan cheese
- and cover again with a new layer of lasagne 
- repeat the process until you have three layers

on the top cover it with the beschamelle sauce and grated parmesan cheese

- put it for 1/2 hour in a 200 degrees oven

when finished, take out the lasagne and decorate it with some cherry tomatoes on top and some basilico leaf!

Make sure your guests are hungry;-)

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