Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aussie breakkie

As already mentioned, I recently came back from downunder with a bag of new recipes to share with you.

My aunt Eleanor and uncle Fabio manage the Hubbles coffee shop in Fremantle, Perth, West Australia!
This explains how I became also a foodie like them and started to open my own food blog!

Now, I am the type of person or at least used to be, that gets up in the morning and as a typical italian drinks her mocca mashine prepared coffee, and that's it! 

But being in Australia, that does not work at all!!! So I learned to be a typical Aussie and get me a full breakkie in the morning with scrambles eggs or filled omelets witch cheese and bacon and mushrooms...and I really enjoyed it!

So if you want to start up your day with a rich aussie omelets experience, first of all

- reserve yourself 20 minutes time
- grab 2/3 eggs out of your fridge
- take a no-sticky frying pan, or just put enough oil so it does not stick
- splash the eggs into the pan and mix them
- put some cheese and 4 slices of crumbled bacon and some mushrooms

et voilĂ , if you can make it look an omelet by turning it over even better;-)

and if you have guests, pls serve it with a little bit of salad decoration on side and some tomatoes, the eye wants also its part!

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