Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to delicious stuff!

First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Diana Lagalante, I am a 30sh young woman passionate about the origins and cultures of food.

Being half swiss and half italian and a little bit australian (almost my third home), I have learned about different cultures, languages, mentalities and of course also recipes.

 I grew up in Italy until the age of 14 where my daily diet was pure mediterranean, meaning lots of pasta, vegetables, fish, fruits and especially OLIVE OIL.

Moving to Switzerland afterwards, has totally changed my diet to a more carbs rich one, meaning potatoes, cakes, pies, etc..

last but not least my ultimate experience has been downunder, having lived there once for 9 months and 14 years later for 2 months.

Australia is a country of melting pot cultures, what has surprised me was the reeconunter with the mediterranean flavours, but this time prepared in a non-traditional way, meaning more modern like e.g.  low GI, low Carbs.

The most incredible experience that has awaken a new taste in me was the asian food in Singapore, a mix of malaysian, thai, chinese, japanese and indian food that has made me not wanted to leave the country anymore. 

So, if you are ready we can start the journey into my world of culinary experiences around the globe...enjoy the meal;-)

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