Wednesday, April 1, 2009

chilli crab in singapore - what a messy experience!!!

Foodies, if you did not taste the singapore chilli crabs yet, I tell you you are missing  something!

After taking the short 5 hours flight from Perth to Singapore with Tigerairs, I touched down in hot, humide Singapore completely tired since it was only 05:00 am - that's the disandvantage of low cost flights!

Of course I met a very funny singaporian taxi driver who took me to the 4 season Regent Hotel, the only problem was that he did not stop talking!!!
He was asking me if I had a boyfriend and why I was not married, and by the time we approached finally the hotel he gave me his blessing saying that buddah was going to find me a husband...funny story, eh?

Anyway on that evening me and my other two friends decided to go try the chilli crabs at one of the many restaurants at the esplanade, each of us ordered a different dish. Reda went for the classical chilli crabs and I went for the hot pepper crabs. 

If you are a fast eater, you learn how to eat slow with crabs since you have to be patient and take out the meat with those long the end of the evening our hands were all dirty because we gave up eating with forks and went straight with our hands;-)

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